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Image by Mathilda Khoo


Your perception shapes your world.

But have you ever paused to shape your perception?
Are you merely a passenger in life, or are you grabbing the wheel?

Know this: life can happen for you.


Clarity and direction—two coordinates clouded by the noisy chatter of the world.

Play with the Impossible is here to help you fine-tune your inner compass. Distilling the overwhelming amount of information out there to bring you actionable wisdom, allowing you to navigate through life's complexities with greater ease.

It's about taking the invaluable insights of others and applying them to your journey. Join us in making the impossible not only possible but also simpler than you ever imagined.

Image by Ali Kazal

Hi, I'm Liz.

Ever feel like life's coming at you from all directions? I get it.


That's why I created Play With The Impossible—to help you find clear signals in a world full of noise. Let's focus on what really matters, in life and work.


Because in a world full of questions, asking the right one is half the answer.


  • Chartered Investment Manager

  • Certification in Life and Success Coaching



  • AI for Business Leaders

  • The Science of Well-Being

  • Certificate in Behavioral Advice

Why people connect with Liz

 Build Resilience

In a world that's always in flux, Liz is there to offer a grounded approach, sharing insights that help you bend, not break.

A Different Perspective

Sometimes it takes a different set of eyes to help you see the full landscape of your life. Liz offers that broader view.

Unveil AI's Potential

There's a lot of noise about artificial intelligence. Liz sifts through it, highlighting the simple, actionable ways it can help you be more efficient, freeing up time for the things and people you love.

Connection Matters

We all need a touch more light and delight. Whether Liz has the answers or knows where to find them, there's nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Tony Robbins

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.

Stay connected for ongoing insights and resources. 

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